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2020 will be "the year of Bolero Drinks"

Bolero Israel is proud to have been appointed as the official and sole distributor of the World Famous Bolero Drink Powder in Israel.

Healthy Drinks with over 70 Flavors! - WOW!

Tastier and cheaper then other ready made drinks on the supermarket shelves!

The Bolero Family which now includes more than 80 countries around the world, including Europe and the US as well as the ASIA Pacific.

The success of this concept was significantly higher than expected by all the countries around the World.

The Bolero brand has earned its leading position in the market due to the simple recognition of its quality, variety and above all its great taste. 

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Tel Mond, Israel


Office: 972 9 796 6960
      (24 hour tel/fax)


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